What makes us different?

Everything! In fact, we´re not a ‘Booth’ at all really….

We set up a self contained studio at your venue – lighting, backdrop and props. All images are taken by a professional photographer and transmitted wirelessly to the monitor so guests can pick and choose which images they want printing to take home with them.

You’ve got an event coming up.

You’ve been busy planning, co-ordinating, inviting and creating. It’s going really well and you’re excited for the occasion to arrive…

Oh, hang on.

Something’s missing… Maybe you don’t even know what that is yet? All you know for sure is that you want to dazzle and delight those guests of yours – but how?

Well wait a minute, you’ve actually gone and figured it out already. You’ve unearthed exactly what you’ve been looking for this entire time – us! No matter what the occasion, London Event Photos can certainly dazzle and delight – in fact, we insist upon it.

It’s all starting to piece together nicely now isn’t it?

Luck is clearly on your side today!

All that’s left is for us to let you in on the details – the how, why & everything in between.

Call Peter on 07785461377 or Stuart on 07957787100

Email: pete@londoneventphotos.co.uk or stuart@londoneventphotos.co.uk